Donavan Satterwhite, AKA Bzkt Prod/Rapper

Bzkt Donavan Sattererwhite 21 year old producer and experimental rapper, Statewide based and born in Seattle one of the city’s of underground music, with him producing a wide range of lush and lo-fi hip hop. Within coming of his spread of sounds Bzkt “released three beat tapes with RAW DATA coming out soon bzkt already had a lot of material to work to but going back Bzkt has known that rapping was sorting he wanted to do “pursuing music since he was 15 rapping under Burnt Bizkit was where his now and put name Bzkt came from its shorter and easyer to use later on. Now that with the shorting of his name he is now fit to take music seriously in the start of producing beats and flows for artist and radio shows there was apparently minimal tools used there was microphone and a music producing program. Now with his beats ding good in views and sells he was having that feeling of missing something in his art from now on he stresses his rapping more with the vision of a flow of rapping not like “ever other rapper in the industry. So Bzkt has now recently token down some of his more older beats and has now released 2 new albums or EP of his rap vision But Did You Die?, and his other (EP) We Are All Done, both albums having a test of vocal and beat filling of Bzkt wanting  happen to be mostly produced by Close people of him people that would understand his style Chester Watson, FLXEED and Prxphet Beginning of 2016 went the EP dropped it blow up compared to any of his beats or other experimental songs especial a single about his thought of the things he has done so far in his life with the show of his thoughts of  things that have happened and the inner held horrors that he sees of himself with at the varies times. Looking for that next step he is busy working on the illustration and partnership for a local clothing line The Club a clothing line that he would buy from  which sold out on the second day of being announced to the public with a unexpected results of the sells of the merchandise  and already waiting on a restoke the early 2017 around march. But as he seems not to be that next big thing finding a place for himself in the music industry rapping, pump stopping with him producing or move on to other set of goals  with the future of BZKT

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